Nov 08

What Are Tenders And How One Get’s Contracts

tenders, govt tenders, government tenders. tender opportunities, business tendersFirst of let us learn what are tenders. Tender is the process of making an offer, bid or proposal, expressing interest in response to an invitation or solicitation of an offer. Organizations look for other companies to respond to a specific need, such as the provision of goods and services, and select the offer or the other offer that suits your needs and offers the best value. Continue reading

Nov 08

Why Recruit Experienced Tender Writer

tenders, the tender, all tenders, online tender, e tender, e tendering, e procurementA good tender letter is very significant to get a contract. Getting contracts is the main process of business extension now days. Many companies around the world do not have contracts, even after having a world-class infrastructure and has all that is required to fill the tender. What goes wrong on their part is while writing application for the tender. There is a lack of communication between you and your client if you do not file a tender letter good. You need to demonstrate competence in the offer letter, if you want to get the contract. The client never assumes things. You need to convince.

That is where the need of a good writer is needed. Most companies overlook the need for a separate dedicated writer and get the application written by someone in the company. One should not make such mistake of getting the letter of the bids submitted by a person without experience. When you hire an experienced writer or get the bid submitted by well experienced writer services, you can be assured of a proper investigation into the client, the contract and its requirements. One more things that I want share here is that nobody can boast of 100 percent success for every company is going to bid for the tender in the possible way and get it written from expert, so it is very important when you submit bid that is written by someone who is expert and well experienced.

Aug 27

Major Blunders to Be avoided While Tendering

tender mistakesMost of the people file for tenders in a hasty manner which indeed has a chain of disadvantages. Let us glance at some of the common mistakes committed by the users. I would like to begin with the pricing which must be significantly kept in mind prior to the submission if proposal or bid. It is observed that many people ignore the budget specified by project owner and quote for the cost which is higher than the estimated price. It clearly specifies that these applicants may not be considered for the procurement of project. Presentation issues are among other basic flaws that need to be rectified before submission. By presentation, I want to address the concern of formatting of the RFP which attracts the attention of client primarily. Continue reading

Jul 17

What is e-tendering

E TenderingThe simplest definition of e-Tendering is the process of managing a tender or Request for Proposal (RFP) electronically.

Traditionally e-Tendering has been most commonly used by government agencies and the public sector rather than by the private sector. However, with increasing numbers of both business customers and consumers turning to the internet to research goods and services before making a purchase, e-Tendering is becoming a successful and efficient sales channel for a variety of organisations.

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Jul 03

What are Tenders

If we go by the definition of tender, then it is conceived as a well documented invitation to vendors and contractors for availing the supply of goods and services. Release of tenders is an important procedure towards the over all growth of business process. An organization can’t handle all the responsibilities of progressive supply of goods and service. More than anything else, it would need to recruit additional human resource to arrange the growing supply, which would certainly call for monetary investment for production on urgent basis. Continue reading