Oct 06

E Tender: A Modern Tool of Significance

e tendersIf you know how to employ internet services according to your convenience, your purpose will be served effectively. For me, World Wide Web has been a source to stay updated with tender notifications and thereafter applying for the relevant projects. The best part about eTender is a system which impartially selects the contractors on the basis of their competence only. In other words, conventional methods of procuring project were seen to be  Continue reading

Aug 21

Tender Tiger or Tender News-General Perspective

all the tendersTendering has become a simplified task with the introduction of online tendering. The websites which offer you a stable platform to tender on are several. However, I would recommend you to keep on reading to explore the topmost sites which offer you accurate source to submit tender bids easily. I have seen most of my friends trying to procure projects but, despite their numerous attempts, they fail to realize their goal! Embarking on this situation, I decided to share valuable information with the readers in the stream of tendering. Without wasting much time, let’s start with the listing of these sites and major differences between their operational measures. Continue reading

Jul 03

What are Tenders

If we go by the definition of tender, then it is conceived as a well documented invitation to vendors and contractors for availing the supply of goods and services. Release of tenders is an important procedure towards the over all growth of business process. An organization can’t handle all the responsibilities of progressive supply of goods and service. More than anything else, it would need to recruit additional human resource to arrange the growing supply, which would certainly call for monetary investment for production on urgent basis. Continue reading