Apr 06

Govt makes a pitch for open source software in IT tenders

With an aim to reduce project costs, the government has decided to give preference to open source software (OSS) over proprietary in e-governance procurements.

“The government of India shall endeavour to adopt open source software in all e-governance systems implemented by various government organisations as a preferred option in comparison to closed source software (CSS),” states the policy titled ‘Adoption of Open Source Software for Government of India’.

It mentions this clause as mandatory under the nature of compliance category.

A user of OSS can customise this software for own use, without having to pay any royalty to its previous developer. Most offer OSS without any charge.

This software is available for use both by end consumers and business organisations.

Some of the known OSS players include Ubuntu, RedHat Linux, Joomla, Apache Software and GIMP.

However, CSS is a different proposition where companies charge licence or royalty fee for the proprietary software. Continue reading

Nov 05

Attract Feasible Results On Online Tender Website

it tenders, it sector tenders, information technology tenders, computer software tendersPreparing an application or proposal aimed at acquisition of trending project is the initial task which needs to be considered to win the bid. Bidding system is not a new concept but it has been nowadays transformed into a revolutionary and promising method. I would like to share my experience with tendering schemes those worked in my favor significantly. Off late, I came across a tender notice online and submitted optimized proposal. Since, my bid application was short but the concerns addressed were presentably incorporated in it, client responded within a lesser frame of time. Continue reading