Feb 15

Smart Phone NT Government Smart Phone Tenders

Smart Phone App’s puts Northern Territory Government tender in reach

NT Government Smart Phone TendersThe Northern Territory government has disclosed an app for iPhone, android and Windows smartphones which can permit users to access government quotations and tenders.

According to NT minister for company info services Adam Giles, the app is that the initial of its kind in Australia for presidency procurement. Continue reading

Feb 14

Shobha hastily cleared tenders value Rs 2400 crore

Shobha hastily cleared tenders value Rs 2400 crore

Legislator within the Assembly H D Revanna defendant former energy minister Shobha Karandlaje of clearing tenders price Rs 2,400 crore only 2 days before she demitted workplace.

Revanna alleged that Shobha, who head of the department for two and half years, hurriedly approved tenders price Rs 2,400 crore between Feb 19 and 21, before resigning on Feb 23. Continue reading

Jan 16

Key For A Unbeaten Tender Document

Writing and presentation of the offer may seem like a long and arduous task with so much information that needs to be collected, written, prepared and returned within strict deadlines. However, the benefits of a bid winning bid far outweigh the stress of the bidding process and may lead to new business and increased revenue. In order to be successful in the bidding process, there are many things you need to consider before you even apply for application. Continue reading

Nov 20

Rules Of Indian Tenders Are Fair For All

Indians are always matching the level of excellence with the passage of time in terms of provision of facilities or diversifying the services and likewise. The statement holds valid even in the sphere of tendering because the standards maintained in India for procurement are modified pragmatically. I want to inform my readers that even notifications of government tenders are being issued on the platforms those are easily accessible. In other words, online tender alerts are posted as and when government requires contractors to operate on a project. However, the variations may be present in different streams those are managed by government of India. The only thing to be kept in mind is application of proposal should be relevant. Content incorporated in the tender bid needs to be precise. Continue reading

Nov 19

Golden Rules Of The Tender Submission

Every organization or institution issues a tender notification to allow professionals to bid timely. I would rather say tendering has undergone modern transformation. In fact, it dons a new avatar wherein, internet plays a crucial role. Few days ago, my friend told me about his need of a short-term project to work on. This was the very instance, when, I highlighted concept of tender and its relevance. I began to assess the worth of tendering and guided my friend in the right direction. Thus, it becomes apparent that the tender bid has to be prepared in order to attract client. Practically speaking, your bid should be viable and competitive. Apart from this, when bidding is the only mode to secure project in your favor, you must review the situation promptly. Continue reading

Nov 16

Eprocurement The Best Way To Purchase Online

E-Procurement is the process of buying goods online. The different stages of e-procurement include identifying vendors or suppliers, ordering and the arrival of the goods. Eprocurement helps to improve the efficiency of the purchasing process and it reduce the costs involved in buying traditional way. Most of the paper work is eliminated, thus reducing the cost and time required often reaping benefits to the tune of millions of dollars. Continue reading

Nov 16

Expand Your Business With Government Tenders

Did you know that by implementing competitive bidding, your company can win contracts? This can be a great source of profit for your business, especially if you do a good job and the contract is renewed continuously. But make sure you do not make mistakes when dealing with people in government procurement. Government tenders are being used by many companies to move their business to the next level and maintain long income in years to come. The proposal of dealing with customers, who have large budgets and do not have a problem in paying, is attracting more companies in this sector. These contracts are also for many years, so it is very lucrative. Continue reading

Nov 08

How To Bid For Government Tenders

government tender, corporate tender, public tender, procurement notices, industry tendersGovernment tenders are big business. But many of us fail to understand the wealth of opportunities that companies can with this tenders. So it is vital that they successfully bid on these tenders. Most governments have a lot of goods and services they need to continuously buy. Think about it? Who will buy these products? Governments often buy goods and services by the private sector. Before you bid on public tenders you have to write a perfect proposal. Continue reading

Nov 08

What Are Tenders And How One Get’s Contracts

tenders, govt tenders, government tenders. tender opportunities, business tendersFirst of let us learn what are tenders. Tender is the process of making an offer, bid or proposal, expressing interest in response to an invitation or solicitation of an offer. Organizations look for other companies to respond to a specific need, such as the provision of goods and services, and select the offer or the other offer that suits your needs and offers the best value. Continue reading