Apr 29

Power Ministry issues draft tender for stranded gas power plants

1372797623-99The Union power ministry has issued a draft tender document for selection of bidder for providing the power system development fund (PSDF)’s support to eligible gas-based plants.

The document, issued on April 24, mentions that stranded gas-based plants, which were categorised in the Centre’s office memorandum, will only be eligible for the support. Those plants that received no supply of domestic gas during the period of April 2014 to January 2015 will be entitled for support.

Of the present gas-based power generation capacity of 27,123 MW, the capacity of stranded gas-based plants is 14,305 MW and the capacity of plants receiving limited domestic gas is 9,845 MW. The list of eligible plants include Ratnagiri Gas & Power Private Limited (RGPPL (1967 Mw), Samalkot (2,400 Mw), Pragati (750 Mw), Pipavah (702 Mw), DGEN (1,200 Mw), GMR Vemagiri expansion (768 Mw), Kondapali expansion station III.

The ministry has classified gas-based plants into two categories — plants receiving domestic gas and stranded gas-based plants. The scheme envisages supply of “e-bid RLNG” (re-gasified LNG) to the stranded gas-based plants and the plants receiving domestic gas, up to the target plant load factor (PLF) selected through a reverse e-bidding process. The scheme also envisages sacrifices to be made collectively by all stakeholders of gas power plants and support from the PSDF. State-run GAIL will be the only agency for the procurement and supply of e-bid RLNG. The PSDF support to the successful bidders owning the eligible gas based plants pursuant to the tender document has been fixed at Rs 724 crore for the relevant period corresponding to the available e-bid RLNG Continue reading

Apr 16

DMRC launches tender for Noida metro trains

69f2aa7b2c2658919b158bb072aded0a_XLDELHI Metro Rail Corporation has issued an international tender notice for a contract to supply 26 standard-gauge three-car trains for the 29.7km Noida – Greater Noida metro line southeast of Delhi, which is due to open in 2017.

Tender documents will be issued on April 10 and a pre-bid briefing will be held for prospective suppliers on May 26. DMRC expects to award the contract, which has an estimated value of around Rs 7bn ($US 113m) by June 23.

The 22-station line will link Noida City Centre Sector 32 with Greater Noida via Knowledge Park 2 and and Pari Chowk.

The Rs 50.6bn project is being implemented by Noida Metro Rail Corporation, a Special Purpose Vehicle chaired by the chief secretary of the state of Uttar Pradesh. The state and the Indian government will each provide 20% of the budget, with external agencies providing the remaining 60%.

Apr 06

Govt makes a pitch for open source software in IT tenders

With an aim to reduce project costs, the government has decided to give preference to open source software (OSS) over proprietary in e-governance procurements.

“The government of India shall endeavour to adopt open source software in all e-governance systems implemented by various government organisations as a preferred option in comparison to closed source software (CSS),” states the policy titled ‘Adoption of Open Source Software for Government of India’.

It mentions this clause as mandatory under the nature of compliance category.

A user of OSS can customise this software for own use, without having to pay any royalty to its previous developer. Most offer OSS without any charge.

This software is available for use both by end consumers and business organisations.

Some of the known OSS players include Ubuntu, RedHat Linux, Joomla, Apache Software and GIMP.

However, CSS is a different proposition where companies charge licence or royalty fee for the proprietary software. Continue reading

Apr 01

Kenya Plans Tenders for $2 Billion Toll-Road Deals in May

Kenya plans to start tendering in May for toll-road contracts estimated by the government to be worth $2 billion to improve the efficiency of the East African nation’s biggest commercial routes, a Treasury official said.

The contracts will be in addition to the 45 deals worth about $3.2 billion that the government will start awarding as early as next week, to double the nation’s paved-road network through an annuity program.

The government is planning to introduce five toll projects covering about 800 kilometers (500 miles), including a new 482-kilometer dual-carriage highway between the port city of Mombasa and the capital, Nairobi, Stanley Kamau, director of the Public Private Partnership Unit at the Treasury, said in an interview on Monday.

“We have engaged transaction advisers and we are now working on the feasibility, final cost estimates, possible toll charges and the time of recouping investors money,” Kamau said.

Kenya is retaining PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP to advise on the development and maintenance of the Nairobi-Mombasa highway, while it hired Intercontinental Consultants and Technocrats Pvt. Ltd. of India for the same scope of work for a new 176-kilometer highway connecting the capital to the southwestern city of Nakuru. Intercontinental consultants will also advise on the operation and maintenance of the 80-kilometer Nairobi-Thika road, according to the Treasury. Continue reading