Mar 23

ARTC launches first Inland Rail tender

AUSTRALIAN Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) has issued an invitation to tender for engineering design and environmental consultancy services for the Inland Rail project, the first contract to be tendered for the new freight link from Brisbane to Melbourne.

The 1700km route will combine upgraded sections of the existing interstate freight network with new lines to create a new north-south route for freight traffic bypassing congested lines in the Sydney area, which will reduce Brisbane – Melbourne journey times by around 10 hours. The line will be cleared for double-stack container trains and high axle-loads with a maximum speed of 115km/h.

The contract covers the development of reference designs for track alignment, hydrology, detailed designs for replacement structures, and environmental assessment for the upgrading of the 106km Parkes – Narromine section and the 307km new-build Narrabri – North Star stretch of the route in New South Wales. The closing date for registrations is March 20.

The Australian government has allocated $US 300m for the initial phases of the project and the minister for infrastructure and regional development Mr Warren Truss has charged ARTC with developing a 10-year implementation plan. Former deputy prime minister Mr John Anderson has been appointed to head the Inland Rail Implementation Group, which will oversee the planning process.

Three priority sections have been identified for the initial stage of the project, including the Parkes – Narromine and Narrabri – North Star sections in New South Wales and Rosewood – Kagaru line in Queensland, which is expected to bring immediate benefits for freight traffic on the Toowoomba – Brisbane corridor.

Mar 18

Tender cancellation issue hits PM Modi’s Smart City project

tender-cancellation-issue-hits-pm-modis-smart-city-projectNEW DELHI: The Narendra Modi government’s ambitious smart city project has run into a hitch with the last-minute cancellation of its first major tender — to hire a consultant — amid allegations of “conflict of interest”.

International consultancy firm McKinsey “unofficially” helped out the urban development ministry in preparing the groundwork for the Rs 7,000-crore project and one of its consultants even authored a key tender document for the selection of the consultant, said people in the know. However, the firm itself wasn’t barred from bidding for the tender and was apparently working on a bid when the tender was scrapped on March 9, barely 48 hours before the closing date, these people said.

McKinsey’s role in the project was revealed after the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA), which is responsible to implement the project, released the tender seeking request for qualification cum request for proposal on February 17. The document was uploaded on the NIUA website and a cursory look at the Word file’s properties showed McKinsey consultant Amit Gupta as its author The document was also uploaded on the government’s Central Public Procurement portal. Continue reading

Mar 13

An Efficient Ways For Tender Writing


tender-writing2-285x300You cannot overvalue the significance of the art of writing bid whether it is of railway tenders or IT tenders, because a company’s financial future could depend on it. Most contracts with the government and some private sector contracts are awarded on the basis of winning competitions. If you are looking to get a piece of this cake then you should know all there is to writing bids. Many firms that want to work in government contracts are eliminated solely on the basis of writing poorly. The ability to write properly will enlarge the success of your company in the bidding for new business in public sector.

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Mar 02

Tender opening

1. The Tender Board can be a standing group. It might consist of a board member as
chairman, the purchasing director, probably a technical expert, and a non-aligned person to
act as secretary.

2.  To ensure equality of treatment of all tenders, the Tender Board meets on the nominated
day, at the nominated time, in a location suitable to accommodate all interested parties, if a
public opening. If not, in a closed office. All bids are date and time stamped and recorded, with
total costs noted.

3.  Late tenders or bids should preferably not be opened but should be date and time stamped
and returned to the bidder with a letter of explanation. It may be that in some companies ALL
tenders are opened and those which were late, annotated as such, and kept separate from
valid bids, submitted within the timescale stipulated.