What is a Bid, No-Bid Analysis?

This is usually a focussed, facilitated discussion and analysis about whether a potential client fits with your strategy, direction and current capability.

Its about:

  • evaluating yourself (using metrics) against your competitors to ensure your considerable time and effort is not wasted
  • being realistic and ensuring you have the capability to meet the contract requirements should you be successful astute purchasers are seeking guarantees of performance which may need to be supported by insurance or bank guarantees, and
  • being honest with yourself and safeguarding your integrity; not just participating because you perceive there’s a market expectation that you should be in the race.

Undertaking a Bid, No-Bid Analysis might mean you decide not to participate in certain RFT opportunities after you’ve made your assessment. However, I believe, far from being perceived as a lack of capability or willingness this can create a sense strength and recognition of your commitment and loyalty to current customers.


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