Tender opening

1. The Tender Board can be a standing group. It might consist of a board member as
chairman, the purchasing director, probably a technical expert, and a non-aligned person to
act as secretary.

2.  To ensure equality of treatment of all tenders, the Tender Board meets on the nominated
day, at the nominated time, in a location suitable to accommodate all interested parties, if a
public opening. If not, in a closed office. All bids are date and time stamped and recorded, with
total costs noted.

3.  Late tenders or bids should preferably not be opened but should be date and time stamped
and returned to the bidder with a letter of explanation. It may be that in some companies ALL
tenders are opened and those which were late, annotated as such, and kept separate from
valid bids, submitted within the timescale stipulated.

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