Apr 29

Power Ministry issues draft tender for stranded gas power plants

1372797623-99The Union power ministry has issued a draft tender document for selection of bidder for providing the power system development fund (PSDF)’s support to eligible gas-based plants.

The document, issued on April 24, mentions that stranded gas-based plants, which were categorised in the Centre’s office memorandum, will only be eligible for the support. Those plants that received no supply of domestic gas during the period of April 2014 to January 2015 will be entitled for support.

Of the present gas-based power generation capacity of 27,123 MW, the capacity of stranded gas-based plants is 14,305 MW and the capacity of plants receiving limited domestic gas is 9,845 MW. The list of eligible plants include Ratnagiri Gas & Power Private Limited (RGPPL (1967 Mw), Samalkot (2,400 Mw), Pragati (750 Mw), Pipavah (702 Mw), DGEN (1,200 Mw), GMR Vemagiri expansion (768 Mw), Kondapali expansion station III.

The ministry has classified gas-based plants into two categories — plants receiving domestic gas and stranded gas-based plants. The scheme envisages supply of “e-bid RLNG” (re-gasified LNG) to the stranded gas-based plants and the plants receiving domestic gas, up to the target plant load factor (PLF) selected through a reverse e-bidding process. The scheme also envisages sacrifices to be made collectively by all stakeholders of gas power plants and support from the PSDF. State-run GAIL will be the only agency for the procurement and supply of e-bid RLNG. The PSDF support to the successful bidders owning the eligible gas based plants pursuant to the tender document has been fixed at Rs 724 crore for the relevant period corresponding to the available e-bid RLNG Continue reading