Fresh Tenders for Multi-level Flyovers

HYDERABAD: After cancelling the deferred annuity payment mode tenders floated last month for construction of 18 multi-level flyovers, grade separators and junctions in various parts of Greater Hyderabad under Strategic Road Development Plan (SRDP), the GHMC will float package-wise tenders on Saturday on engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) turnkey basis.

A pre-bid meeting with the firms will be held on September 29. Technical bids will be opened on November 4 and price bids on November 9.

The change will delay the project by another two months or even more.

The EPC tenders have been divided into five packages. Package-I (Rs 322.92 crore), Package-II (Rs 331.38 crore), Package-III (Rs 160.07 crore), Package-IV (Rs 196.13 crore) and Package-V (Rs 86.21 crore). The last date for submission of the bid is November 4. It will be international competitive bidding.

Under the EPC-turnkey system, the selected agency has to carry out survey, investigation, detailed design and drawings and construction of 18 multilevel flyovers, grade separators at different junctions in city with standard viaduct spans and obligatory spans, reinforced soil walls, crash barriers, friction slabs, approach slabs, pier protection works, anti-carbonation painting to the exposed concrete surfaces.

They are also to do metallising of all steel surfaces with sand blasting, formation of RE wall approaches to viaduct spans, medians, raised median wall with MS railing below the viaduct portion, wearing coat and appurtenances in flyovers with appropriate drainage system for flyover connecting to nearest existing drains, electrification works, signages, pavement markings, providing and fixing illuminating studs for flyovers, etc.

They should widen and strengthen existing at-grade peripheral roads around KBR Park with flexible pavement design for new/widening portions and strengthening of existing pavement retaining structural arrangements wherever required for at-grade improvement, provision for footpaths with utility ducts and drains etc.

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